Bernie Appears To Be Finished

There appears to be a few important factors in determining who wins the Democrat Primary…

…and going senile is apparently not one of them.

The factors are:

  1. Which candidates can the elites use for their own purposes.
  2. Which candidate is not an outspoken communist.

It is important to note, and I do not point this out often enough, that Bernie’s vision of America is the goal that our elites have for the United States. The reason they are rejecting socialism at this juncture in time is because everyday Americans are not ready to embrace communism… yet. The elites want a communist and authoritarian state but Bernie is a decade or two too soon. According to the elites, especially in light of this whole Trump thingy, we need another several years of pining about equality, wokeness, and diversity. Then, after the United States degenerates enough to point of immense social disharmony, everyday Americans will beg for an authoritarian to seize the means of production and all of that crap. But as of right now, they’re just not ready for it.

Give it a few more years and the Platonic path from democracy to tyranny will be complete.

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