Civil War 2.0

It looks as if open conflict is becoming more of a certain destiny.

This particular study also asked participants if they believed that it was justified to use violence to push their political agendas. “Nine percent of Republicans and Democrats say that, in general, violence is at least occasionally acceptable,” according to the study.

The College Fix’s poll asked the same question and got similar results. “It found 7 percent of Democratic students think it’s justified for Democrats to use violence to advance their political goals, and 6 percent of Republican students think it is justified for Republicans to use violence to advance their political goals,” Kabbany wrote.

It’s only a matter of time. Revolutions are not fought by older or middle-aged men with families. They are fought by younger single men who evaluate their prospects and see little to lose. Across the world this past year in France, Iraq, Syria, Chile, and Hong Kong young men have been making known how dissatisfied they are with he current order. It will happen in the US, too.

As partisanship grows, so will hostility. Let’s pray for a peaceful outcome, but that type of resolution would require the global order falling, and the elites don’t seem keen to give in just yet.

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