Paedophilia Behind The Curtain

The health of society seems to come back how it treats its children.

The twisted logic behind behind the “Kentler experiment”— named after the leading sexologist Helmut Kentler who spearheaded it — was that paedophilia could have “positive consequences”.

Astonishingly, in the late 1960s Kentler managed to persuade West Berlin’s ruling Senate that homeless boys would leap at the opportunity to be fostered by paedophile dads.

It was successfully argued they would be “head over heels in love” with their new father figures.

About this time Kentler was publicly lobbying for decriminalisation sex between adults and children in West Germany.

At the heart of Western Liberalism is the notion of freedom. And that freedom is a liberty from both God and mankind.

Liberalism’s official policy on any moral question is “No comment.” It completely abdicates any responsibility to set ethical standards, besides degenerate and meaningless platitudes like equality.

Government sponsored pedophilia adoption programs? According to the free-market “principles” there is nothing wrong with this.

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